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Founded by Sosai Mas Oyama. Full contact bare knuckle no holds barred karate.
We train and fight with no protective gear.
This is the real deal.


We strive to preserve the authenticity of Kyokushin training as intended by the founder.
There are no shortcuts, and the road is full of sweat, blood and tears.


When do we train?
Where do we train?


We just completed the 3rd instalment of our annual international tournament in Malaysia. Click here for more events

Earn your belt

That belt you tie around your uniform. What is its worth to you? How much price are you willing to pay to don the color that you covet? $100? $1,000? $10,000? What are you willing to sacrifice to obtain the belt? Your dignity? Your loyalty? Your principles? Anybody...
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Fighting in another style

So we're sending our students out to fight in another style of karate this coming December 2017. Every martial art has its own kumite (sparring) rules and this is of no exception. For example; Taekwondo competitions are point based and rewards speedy high kicks rather...
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Gorilla walk

Call it what you want. Gorilla walk, orang utan walk, monkey walk, this is a standard Kyokushin warm up exercise that strikes fear in the hearts of beginners. This is what it looks like, in a nutshell: We Kyokushin karateka like to up the difficulty by using our...
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Last class of 2016

  It is tradition that we get together for the last training of the year. Not many will attend the last class because in previous years, our 1000 punches went into overtime and totaled to almost 3000 punches due to mistakes in counting (out of sheer tiredness,...
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Why we don’t answer your queries

Kyokushin Karate is budo karate and we try to instill respect and discipline not only in training, but all aspects including communication. Unlike sports martial art and 'fake' Shinkyokushin Malaysia WKO, we do not entertain all enquiries. We focus on the quality of...
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Let’s be honest.

Do you want to learn a martial art that focuses on safety so much (you’re practically padded up like a SWAT team), then penalizes you for punching too hard?

Are you proud to say you are a black belt in (insert your fav martial art here), but you have smooth knuckles that have never met the rough canvases/leather of a sandbag?

Are you learning a martial art or are you in a fitness class with a martial art theme?

Kyokushin karate is a martial art. Yes we DARE to proclaim we are the strongest karate.

What makes kyokushin strong/different from other karate?

  • bare knuckle full contact kumite (sparring)
    we train to simulate real life combat
    we don’t hold back our punches or ‘touch’ for the sake of safety.

When you fight on the street, all punches are real and uncontrolled

we strengthen/condition our physical and mental to withstand attacks
our fighters (international) fight in K1 and UFC
our Kyokushin children fighters are all highly disciplined (you won’t see them running or playing around before/after class)
we place high priority on respect and etiquette

We are a STRONG martial art. Now, are you strong enough to learn Kyokushin karate?

There are no failures, only quitters.

Our academy holds the copyright notice for all Kyokushin-related trademarks in Malaysia.

This is now being strictly enforced to ensure no FAKE/EXPRESS organization uses these symbols to train KNOCKOFF versions of Kyokushin Karate.

If you are learning Kyokushin Karate and the dojo is not listed on this website, there is a high possibility it is a FAKE Kyokushin.
Please whatsapp +6016 3898 958 to check.


Not everyone is cut out for Kyokushin karate training.
To be honest, our dropout rates are high because 70% of Malaysians come with the expectation that Kyokushin karate is similar to sports Karate.

If you are an adult, use the checklist below to check if you have what it takes to train Kyokushin karate:

  • Did you just watch Karate Kid / Fighter in the wind and was motivated to learn?
  • Do you expect to be awarded a black belt in less than 5 years?
  • Do you groan/whine when you hear you have to do 100 pushups?
  • Are you planning to do your karate training only in the dojo?
  • Do you sulk/get angry/cry when you are discplined (via extra drills/verbal)?
  • Are you joining with a friend?
  • Will this be a hobby to you?
  • If friends/family asks you out on training times, does your karate take a backseat?
  • Do you get bothered if you get all sweaty, bruised or bloody?

If you answered YES to more than 3 points, then Kyokushin Karate is not for you.

As with traditional BUDO KARATE, we do not accept all newcomers who express interest to join.
Some minimum requirements:

  • positive/can-do attitude
  • humble & respect everyone (irregardless of rank and age)
  • training for the sake of training, not to obtain belt/rank

Minimum requirements for children:

  • minimum 4 years of age
  • able to receive simple instruction
  • independent (does not cry when they have to enter dojo alone) we have a glass waiting area for parents




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