Welcome to the official website of Kyokushin Karate in Malaysia!


Kyokushin Karate is suitable for you if your aim is to:

  • strengthen and overcoming yourself physically, mentally
  • discipline yourself by attending training consistently despite being tired, busy etc
  • learn to defend yourself on the streets
  • learn the culture of the Japanese in the context of martial arts

You may want to consider another martial art if you aim is to:

  • get a black belt as quickly as possible
  • maintain your current rank in other martial arts
  • you have certain beliefs that prevent you from adhering to rules of the dojo
Are you learning Kyokushin Karate?
Only Oyama Karate-do Kyokushinkaikan Academy is authorized to teach and use the Kyokushin kanji and logo in Malaysia.


3rd Malaysia Open Kyokushin-kan Karatedo Championship (Oct 2016)

2nd Malaysia Open Kyokushin-kan Karatedo Championship (Sept 2015)
1st Malaysia Open Kyokushin-kan Karatedo Championship (Sept 2014)

Children’s class



Read about our latest grading. Watch the concentration and focus of 5 year olds as they execute kihon and kata.

Read about the dedication of students who travel 6 hours every week just to attend Kyokushin training.

Have fun challenging yourself by going further in your training. Cultivate the OSU spirit in your way of life.

Find out what are taught in everyday classes.

Leave your comment or enquiry.

If you can’t wait, call Shihan Michael directly 018 2199 268 or Sensei Yu mun 016 3898 958.

Training schedule as below

Wednesdays 8-930pm (basics)
Fridays 8-930pm (strength, no gi)
Sundays (10.30am) PJ dojo children kumite class
Sundays (4-5.30) PJ dojo mixed class
6-7pm seniors” weapon class