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Indonesia Open 2011# of participants: 65
# of countries: 13
Hotel: Grand Sahid Jaya

Day 1 (thurs) – Took an Air Asia flight with Shihan and Senpai Muhd @ around 2pm. Did a web chk in before coming to airport. Had vegetarian fried rice on the plane. Arrived @ Sukarno Hatta International Airport. Waited awhile for the Indonesian guest recipient to direct us to a cab. Took cab to hotel. Checked in. Handed over dogi for number sewing and medical report to Acin. Attended tournament briefing.

Day 2 (fri) – Went to gym with Shihan. Played ping pong with Senpai Muhd. He is a mean player! Met Muhd’s friend, Erfan. Another mean ping pong player! Trained awhile with Erfan and Muhd in the aerobics gym. Had onigiri @ City Walk for dinner. Yummy. Indonesian food is cheap due to currency exchg.

Day 3 (sat) – Boarded bus to Indoor Tennis Stadium Senayan. One girl from Bulgaria in my category was the tallest person in the whole stadium! Fought Kazakhstan fighter around noon or 1pm. Lost. Things to improve on: don’t fight defensive. You will lose even if you punch harder. Also been taking things too easy.
Muhd won 2 rounds then hurt his hand in tameshiwari. Couldn’t hold fist after that, otherwise he would’ve gone on to finals, I believe.

Day 4 (sun) – Loitered around city. Walked to shopping mall. Plenty of shopping malls in JKT but not suited to my tastes. Original plan was to visit Shihan Sujoto but last minute cancel.

Day 5 (mon) – Took flight back to KUL. Miss KUL. Listened to Shihan and Muhd talk about Kyokushin fighters while munching on fried chicken. Yummy.