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made payment for instructor camp (40k yen!).
shihan asked to go for test 3rd dan, but i’m not ready so decided against it.
evening walked around nishikawaguchi.
napped a lot

almost late for bus. arrived at 740am, instead of 730am.
sat @ the front of bus, beside driver. that was senpai enami’s seat (sorry senpai!)
stopped at a rest stop, had huge burger patty (me & my paleo diet)
had a chat with indonesian team
reached tochigi gymnasium around 1pm.
training kihon with kancho. there were a lot of russians (around 20+)
focus on explosiveness

Many new faces, since didnt attend camp training last year.
Roomed with China (Frankie), Bulgaria (all japan champion who was so tall we could comb hair in front of mirror simultaneously!), Russia (dont know her name, but she slept a lot when others were practising late at night, and yet still managed to have such impressive kata and kihon!)

met Kristen whom i’m FB friends with, but never met. she’s from maine.

bus ride from gym -> hotel was 1.5 hours (so far!)
dinner was yummy (spider crab ala starcraft style)

Hung around lobby watching people practise until late at night

iken training by sun li sensei
advanced kata by shihan okazaki
partner work with shihan

there was light snow when training was over. felt melancholic.

dinner was yummy again (lobster)

took lobster away from shihan , due to his injured foot

sang ‘Kau ilhamku’ with shihan for malaysian team

advised shihan to practise this song earlier but he didnt listen

practised advanced kata with shihan

test prep for the people taking test
watched them do sai kata, bo kata, and others

performed a miserable sushiho kata
10 men kumite for people taking test
kancho interviewed 2 senseis takings shihan license test
cert giving ceremony for each participant


bus ride back to honbu
arrived at 7pm

went to airport, got lost at terminal 2, scolded by shihan
arrived monday 7am