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Traditionalists would scoff at this.

Karate? Doing MMA? Bah….

Yet, look at Kyokushin offshoots like Daido Juku and Enshin karate. They are attempts to cultivate ground fighting into this traditional martial art. Our very own Kyokushin-kan implements Shinken Shobu (head punch) because truth be told, when you are brawling in the streets and real life, your enemy is not going to heed tournament rules like;

hey don’t punch me in the face, that’s illegal.

Karate comprises the striking part of the MMA. We are missing the other half; ground work. Hence, Shihan decided to fortify our fighting arsenal so that we will not be caught unawares should the fightgo to the ground.


The author used to have reservations about MMA due to sweaty, tangling bodies but after a seminar conducted by Mr Kamal Shalorus (of UFC and One FC fame), it was indeed an eye opener. Those complex chokes, setups and reversals were not as complicated as they seemed. The key was to finding a good coach and spotter who could breakdown the moves for us to follow.

Thank you Kamal for a great seminar and hope to see you again soon!

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