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It is tradition for Kyokushin-kan Malaysia to hold a marathon kihon session at the end of each calendar year. The author has gone through 100 repetitions of each kihon in the early days.

2014 holds no difference, where Shihan gave us the choice to perform either 2000 punches, 1000 jumping jacks or 100 katas. We wisely chose 2000 punches. Training started half an hour later than its usual time of 4pm.
Shihan handed out the belts from the previous grading. Congratulations to Shane & Emi, our new shodans.

We went through brief basics then 10 men kumite for everyone. We had a short break and then we started the 2000 punches. It was an energetic atmosphere and everyone gave their best shot despite shoulders cramping, stances wobbling, focuses wavering nearing the 1500 mark. It was a true test of the Kyokushin spirit when Shihan gave us a ‘bonus’ of 400 more punches.

At the end of training, we had a “pot-luck” feast. Everyone chipped in generously and we got to taste noodles, cake, curry, pizza, KFC, desserts, jelly (the author made this and abused her authority to “force” all the children to eat it, much to their chagrin). It was an informal and relaxed atmosphere, topped off with arm wrestling matches. Note to self: never underestimate the arm power of a homemaker who raised 3 children!

At the end of the day, the parents helped to clean and pack up the leftovers while the author and everyone else went into a food coma. Kyokushin-kan Malaysia wishes to thank all students and parents for your overwhelming support in terms of food, manpower and your presence. Also extended thanks to Senpai Meng for organizing this get together. Attached photo of Meng hard at work 😀

Here’s to another great year of training and competition in 2015