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Here at Kyokushin Malaysia, we recognize that Kyokushin Karate is a hardcore sport and the general perception of the curious public is one of “I would like to try Kyokushin Karate, but I’m scared/shy/injured”.

To solve this problem, we are introducing Kyokushin for Veterans or vKyokushin.
This class will be more technical and personalized and cover the following areas:

  • the standard kihon and kata with focus on the technical aspects such as mechanics, execution, accuracy and bunkai
  • kumite/sparring with safety equipment as per Kyokushin-kan veteran category rules
  • stick/bo training
  • 60% of the intensity of regular class fitness & conditioning drills
  • 100% intensity on flexibility drills (gotta remain limber with age)
  • padwork and sandbag interval training
  • ikken

Eligibility of vKyokushin

  • 45 years old and above (male & female)
  • Less than 2 years experience in other martial arts
  • Proof of injury from certified medical practitioner that prevents you from attending regular Kyokushin class

vKyokushin is not a toned down Kyokushin class and will not be treated as such. The same etiquette and protocols of Kyokushin still apply. It provides older and wiser adults the opportunity to have the Kyokushin Karate experience without risk of injury that would disrupt their everyday routine.
With vKyokushin, we are promoting a healthy and active lifestyle; an outlet for exercise in an otherwise sedentary and technology inundated life.
We expect vKyokushin students to have a higher level of maturity, focus and comprehension.

vKyokushin will start once we have a confirmed list of 5 attendees. We will determine class schedule based on availability of majority.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? (in a proverbial sense)

If you are interested to join this class, please whatsApp Shihan Michael @ +6018 2199 268 to register.