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Kyokushin Karate is budo karate and we try to instill respect and discipline not only in training, but all aspects including communication. Unlike sports martial art and ‘fake’ Shinkyokushin Malaysia WKO, we do not entertain all enquiries. We focus on the quality of our students, not quantity.

Not all enquiries will result in a signup, and we do not entertain all enquiries such as:

  • What time are your training days (please refer here)
  • How much is your fee (please refer here)
  • What is the difference your karate compare to other martial art (you did not even complete reading the first page, please read again)
  • Can this karate enter Olympic (my answer to you is this, are YOU good enough to enter Olympic?)
  • I have black belt in x x martial art, can I retain my black belt (NO)
  • rude enquiries from anonymous who don’t even introduce themselves (please learn some manners before thinking of learning a martial art)
  • My son/daughter is still in diapers, can he/she learn karate? (the answer is no, come back when they are toilet trained)
  • I am a student, I have no money to pay fees. Can you give me discount? (NO. If you have a smartphone and you have clothes on your back, you can afford the fees)

This filter is very strict because our training is very tough (physically and mentally). If you do not even have the basic MANNERS and initiative to  read up on something you wish to learn, rest assured you will quit within a month. You will be subject to physical and verbal reprimanding when you repeat same mistakes that have been corrected. We have demoted and expelled students. Most who don’t cut it, quit on their own accord. Those who want express belts, band together and form their own organization, lost in a fantasy that they are training karate. There is no tolerance for laziness. We definitely do not train for fun or for exercise.

You will be paying fees to be kicked and punched by your peers and seniors. Do not expect everything to be spoon fed, part of the karate learning process is to document your own training and progress.

If after reading all this has not turned you off, please drop by the dojo and we are glad to explain all of the above face to face. Come in sports attire or your old karate uniform if you wish to try out the classes (limited to 1 session). If you decide to devote your time and efforts to this karate, in return we promise you; you will come out stronger in any adversity, more confident, and be part of a family who prides themselves to known as THE STRONGEST KARATE.