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It is tradition that we get together for the last training of the year. Not many will attend the last class because in previous years, our 1000 punches went into overtime and totaled to almost 3000 punches due to mistakes in counting (out of sheer tiredness, but OSU!). Days prior to the last class, I would get messages from students informing me that they couldn’t make it due to <insert the standard excuse here>. And I had the unfortunate luck of spraining my back after doing this yoga the day before. Nevertheless, tradition must be maintained.

This year after the usual training (right after 200 mae geris in zenkutsu dachis, might I add), we commenced the 1000 punches. Everybody behaved and did their best and we finished 12 minutes later, shoulders sore but glad that all went smoothly. There is a special skill required when you are counting the punches, and a good senpai knows to wait for their kohai to complete a movement (which is otherwise newer and not as easy)  instead of rushing or punching ahead of time. I am happy to note that most of the senpais improved in this area.

Here’s to another fruitful year of training and prosperity for Kyokushin-kan Malaysia.

Happy new year everyone. OSU!20161230_213355