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29 Jan 2018

  1. Emi Lee Ai Yuen (shodan)
  2. Hana Lee Ai Wei (1st kyu)
  3. Ryu Lee Sing Yi (2nd kyu)

This is to notify that the above mentioned individuals have been expelled from the Oyama Karate-do Kyokushinkaikan Academy.
The offenses are:

  • Joining another organization without prior notice/approval after their request of shodan (black belt grading) was denied
  • Unethically maintaining the rank awarded by Oyama Karate-do Kyokushinkaikan Academy in another organization to fast track to achieve shodan (black belt)
  • Participating in another organization tournament without prior notice/approval
  • Blatant display of Oyama Karate-do Kyokushinkaikan Academy’s copyrighted logo and name in another organization’s social media page without prior notice/approval

Henceforth, the above mentioned individuals are stripped of all rank, titles and achievements gained while being a member of Oyama Karate-do Kyokushinkaikan Academy. All rank and titles are declared null and void effective immediately. Entry to the Oyama Karate-do Kyokushinkaikan Academy’s main headquarters to the above mentioned individuals and their guardians are to be denied, unless accompanied by a representative appointed by Oyama Karate-do Kyokushinkaikan Academy. This notice serves as a formal announcement and reference point for historical purposes.

Formal expulsion letter has been served and acknowledged by the guardians of the above mentioned individuals.