Let’s be honest. Do you want to learn a martial art that focuses on safety so much (you’re practically padded up like a SWAT team), then penalizes you for punching too hard? Are you proud to say you are a black belt in (insert your fav martial art here), but you have smooth knuckles that have never met the rough canvases/leather of a sandbag? Are you learning a martial art or are you in a fitness class with a martial art theme?
Sample Kyokushin class in Malaysia Kyokushin karate is a martial art. Yes we DARE to proclaim we are the strongest karate. What makes kyokushin strong/different from other karate?
  • bare knuckle full contact kumite (sparring)
  • we train to simulate real life combat
  • we don’t hold back our punches or ‘touch’ for the sake of safety.
  When you fight on the street, all punches are real and uncontrolled
  • we strengthen/condition our physical and mental to withstand attacks
  • our fighters (international) ¬†fight in K1 and UFC
  • our Kyokushin children fighters are all highly disciplined (you won’t see them running or playing around before/after class)
  • we place high priority on respect and etiquette
We are a STRONG martial art. Now, are you strong enough to learn Kyokushin karate? There are no failures, only quitters.