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Gorilla walk

Call it what you want. Gorilla walk, orang utan walk, monkey walk, this is a standard Kyokushin warm up exercise that strikes fear in the hearts of beginners. This is what it looks like, in a nutshell: We Kyokushin karateka like to up the difficulty by using our knuckles, instead of our palms, you know, to strengthen those wrists for punches. Try doing 1 lap of this and you will understand why this guy has arms like below: If I had to walk with 70% of my body weight using my arms, I’d have arms that size too!   Now,...

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Kagami Biraki 2017

 Kagami Biraki, which literally means “Mirror Opening” (also known as the “Rice Cutting Ceremony”), is a traditional Japanese celebration that is held in many traditional martial arts schools (dojos) usually on the second Saturday or Sunday of January so all students will be able to attend. Since then martial arts such as karate, have adopted the celebration that officially kicks off the new year — a tradition of renewal, rededication and spirit. In Malaysia, this is the 3rd time we have hosted the Kagami Biraki (since we shifted from the 2nd dojo), albeit differently in the sense that our...

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Last class of 2016

  It is tradition that we get together for the last training of the year. Not many will attend the last class because in previous years, our 1000 punches went into overtime and totaled to almost 3000 punches due to mistakes in counting (out of sheer tiredness, but OSU!). Days prior to the last class, I would get messages from students informing me that they couldn’t make it due to <insert the standard excuse here>. And I had the unfortunate luck of spraining my back after doing this yoga the day before. Nevertheless, tradition must be maintained. This year after the usual training (right after 200 mae geris in zenkutsu dachis, might I add), we commenced the 1000 punches. Everybody behaved and did their best and we finished 12 minutes later, shoulders sore but glad that all went smoothly. There is a special skill required when you are counting the punches, and a good senpai knows to wait for their kohai to complete a movement (which is otherwise newer and not as easy)  instead of rushing or punching ahead of time. I am happy to note that most of the senpais improved in this area. Here’s to another fruitful year of training and prosperity for Kyokushin-kan Malaysia. Happy new year everyone. OSU!Share on FacebookPlease like &...

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Why we don’t answer your queries

Kyokushin Karate is budo karate and we try to instill respect and discipline not only in training, but all aspects including communication. Unlike sports martial art and ‘fake’ Shinkyokushin Malaysia WKO, we do not entertain all enquiries. We focus on the quality of our students, not quantity. Not all enquiries will result in a signup, and we do not entertain all enquiries such as: What time are your training days (please refer here) How much is your fee (please refer here) What is the difference your karate compare to other martial art (you did not even complete reading the first page, please read again) Can this karate enter Olympic (my answer to you is this, are YOU good enough to enter Olympic?) I have black belt in x x martial art, can I retain my black belt (NO) rude enquiries from anonymous who don’t even introduce themselves (please learn some manners before thinking of learning a martial art) My son/daughter is still in diapers, can he/she learn karate? (the answer is no, come back when they are toilet trained) I am a student, I have no money to pay fees. Can you give me discount? (NO. If you have a smartphone and you have clothes on your back, you can afford the fees) This filter is very strict because our training is very tough (physically and mentally). If you do not even...

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Kyokushin for Veterans

Here at Kyokushin Malaysia, we recognize that Kyokushin Karate is a hardcore sport and the general perception of the curious public is one of “I would like to try Kyokushin Karate, but I’m scared/shy/injured”. To solve this problem, we are introducing Kyokushin for Veterans or vKyokushin. This class will be more technical and personalized and cover the following areas: the standard kihon and kata with focus on the technical aspects such as mechanics, execution, accuracy and bunkai kumite/sparring with safety equipment as per Kyokushin-kan veteran category rules stick/bo training 60% of the intensity of regular class fitness & conditioning drills 100% intensity on flexibility drills (gotta remain limber with age) padwork and sandbag interval training ikken Eligibility of vKyokushin 45 years old and above (male & female) Less than 2 years experience in other martial arts Proof of injury from certified medical practitioner that prevents you from attending regular Kyokushin class vKyokushin is not a toned down Kyokushin class and will not be treated as such. The same etiquette and protocols of Kyokushin still apply. It provides older and wiser adults the opportunity to have the Kyokushin Karate experience without risk of injury that would disrupt their everyday routine. With vKyokushin, we are promoting a healthy and active lifestyle; an outlet for exercise in an otherwise sedentary and technology inundated life. We expect vKyokushin students to have a higher level...

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1st Malaysia Open Highlights

2nd Malaysia Open Highlights

World Tournament 2015

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