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Last class of 2016

  It is tradition that we get together for the last training of the year. Not many will attend the last class because in previous years, our 1000 punches went into overtime and totaled to almost 3000 punches due to mistakes in counting (out of sheer tiredness,...
Shihan Michael

Shihan Michael

Lt Kdr Shihan Michael Ding – over 35 years experience in martial arts – taught by Sensei Yoshinaga sent by Sosai Oyama to Malaysia to propagate Kyokushin karate

Brooklyn Monk feature

Martial Arts Odyssey: Kyokushin Selengor (Part 1) Brooklyn Monk, Antonio Graceffo travels to Selengor, Malaysia, where he meets Shihan Michael Ding, Malaysia premier instructor of Kyokushin. Billed as the world’s hardest karate, Kyokushin is one of very few...