official site of Kyokushin Karate Oyama in Malaysia


We are a traditional karate dojo with no-frills training equipment.


  • wooden flooring
  • wall mirrors
  • sandbags
  • makiwara
  • changing room
  • lockers
  • weights
  • kettlebells
  • showers
  • air conditioning

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  1. Addirul Aliff Sep 28th 2011

    May I Ask…Does Kyokushin Karate In Johor Bahru or Near Johor…Hope It Has one In Near Johor…Cause I Really2 Interested In Learning Kyokushin Karate…huhu

  2. Hidetoshi Miyamto Sep 13th 2012

    Hi I’m Hidetoshi Miyamoto (Call me Hide), I’m Japanese and stay in Setapak in KL.

    I’m interesting your dojo if it near by my house Jalan Genting Klang Setapak.

    Thank you Hide

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