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Is Kyokushin karate difficult?
Everything is difficult. It depends how badly you want something and what you would be willing to sacrifice (money, energy, sweat, blood, tears) to obtain it.

What is the age range for Kyokushin karate?
Our record history is 3.5 years -> 72 years of age.
This is a guideline. Different children have different levels of development.
For young children, we require basics as such

  • able to differentiate left and right, front and back (if not verbally, then by copying)
  • able to enter dojo without parent’s accompanying them

For adults >40 years old:

  • we ask that you declare any serious medical conditions that you have

I have serious injury, can I join?
We strongly believe that if you can climb the 2 flights of stairs leading to the dojo, you are mobile and fit enough to obtain something from Kyokushin Karate.
Please don’t let injury be an obstacle to learning Karate.
Our instructors are well experienced personally with muscle and bone related injuries. We can’t heal them, but we are flexible enough to modify te training around your injury.

What are the costs of learning Karate?
Please refer here

Are there any competitions or tournaments for Kyokushin Karate?
Yes, we organize an annual Malaysia Open. We send qualified students to represent Malaysia overseas and we also cross participate in other martial arts to diversify experience.

How often are gradings?
3 gradings are scheduled a year. Not all students will qualify to sit for all 3 (factors such as discipline, attendance, skill play a role). Our gradings last more than half a day and includes theory.

When can I get a black belt?
We are not belt factories. The time frame to obtain a black belt is dependent on the individual. Some take 4 years, some take 10 years. Others never obtain them. If you are looking for a black belt, we urge you to look elsewhere.

When do you train?
Formal trainings are Wednesdays (8-930pm)
Sundays (3-4pm children beginner)
Sundays (4-6pm )

Extra training are announced in whatsapp group
Your training fee includes all other classes we add depending on season.

Do you have branch in Kepong, Subang, etc etc
Our main HQ is in Petaling Jaya (location here)
We have a branch in Sandakan, Sabah (please call 0198078276)