One time Registration

Recurring (monthly)

  • Adults – RM100
  • Children (below 18) – RM80
  • monthly fee entitles you to all available classes and any additional classes that we introduce. There shall be a minimum of 2 classes per week  
Wednesdays (intermediate class) 8pm - 930pm

Suitable class for 8th kyu and above. Perfect timing for those who have just finished work and need a good workout.
This class covers kihon (basics), kata (pattern) and kumite (sparring).


Fridays (weight training/personal training) - 8pm - 930pm

Depending on season, this class may be all endurance weights training (dumb bell and kettlebell) or just a chance to self train in the dojo with all equipment available for your personal use.

Saturdays (fight class) - 4pm - 530pm

Depending on tournament season, this class is catered to upcoming tournaments. Covering fighting concepts like distances, combinations and fighting endurance, this is a technical class solely for those who are competing in kumite (sparring)

Sundays (children class) - 1030-1230pm

Children’s only class where theory and practical is simplified and explained in easier to understand terms. Perfect for 4 years old – 12 years old. This class makes use of equipment like dumbbells, sandbags, trampoline, aerobic steps, medicine balls as teaching aids.

Sundays (mixed class) - 4pm - 530pm

Our centralized training where everyone shows up to train. Covers all aspects from beginner -> advanced level. 2nd half of training is usually split off to groups to focus on students’ skill levels.

Depending on grading season, training might go into overtime until 7pm for senior weapons training or kumite class.

Sundays (adult class) QLIQ DAMANSARA - 4pm - 530pm

Taught by Senpai Chris at QLIQ Damansara. Focuses on strength & conditioning, ideal forĀ adult beginner & novices