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About Our Instructors

Many local martial arts centre run independently and are not affiliated internationally. This means that the local instructor calls all the shots, determines the syllabus and basically answers to no one. So how do you know you are learning the genuine martial art from its origin country?

In contrast, our instructors attend annual instructor camps and tournaments in Japan to keep abreast with the latest syllabus and techniques. Rest assured that what is being taught is directly from Kyokushin-kan Karate Honbu Japan.



Country Representative

5th dan Kyokushin karate

8th dan Taekwondo WTF

WTF International Referee Class 1

Years of teaching experience: > 40 years

Security protection consultant


SENSEI YUMUN - Selangor Branch

4th dan Kyokushin karate
5th dan Taekwondo WTF
WTF International Referee Class 3
Years of teaching experience : 15 years

SENSEI SHIM YEE FOONG (Sandakan branch)

1st dan Kyokushin Karate
4th dan Shotokan Karatedo
1st dan Kendo

Years of teaching experience : 26 years