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[youtube]https://youtu.be/L4oYGINQh1Y[/youtube]┬áKagami Biraki, which literally means “Mirror Opening” (also known as the “Rice Cutting Ceremony”), is a traditional Japanese celebration that is held in many traditional martial arts schools (dojos) usually on the second Saturday or Sunday of January so all students will be able to attend.

Since then martial arts such as karate, have adopted the celebration that officially kicks off the new year — a tradition of renewal, rededication and spirit.

In Malaysia, this is the 3rd time we have hosted the Kagami Biraki (since we shifted from the 2nd dojo), albeit differently in the sense that our celebration is potluck style (everyone brings a portion of their favourite dish).

This is the only time of the year where the line between kohai and senpais are blurred (but still existant!) and we get to know each other a little bit better outside of the routine of classes. It is also an informal ice breaking session for our batch of white belts.

Training started at 4pm with presentation of belt ceremony to those who had passed the grading held on 18th December 2016. Many of the students changed belt colors and it is a very encouraging way to start the new year.

We kicked off our Kagami Biraki at 6:30pm (because Sensei had to go pick up some satays, and Senpai Chris had to go home to fry Wagyu fried rice ~yummy) after training. Everybody chipped in to setup the tables, chairs and food and to my relief, there was lesser food wastage this time around. We had some logistics error 2 years ago, when everyone brought food portions enough for everybody.

This time around, we had an assortment of food; from Mika’s gigantic sushi, to a curious dessert called Rocky Road. We discovered some budding chefs amongst us and amazingly all of them turned out to be men. Simon with his Beggar’s Chicken (view the video below), Chai with his delicious mushroom soup and Chris with wagyu fried rice.

After eating, we had the world’s shortest stand up comedy by Tristan & Isaac (something to do with a dog and a portion of the body that rhymes with pizzazz) followed by Twister, foosball and UNO (warning! sensei cheats)┬árunning concurrently.

Party wrapped up around 9pm and some stayed back to clean and mop up. Kyokushin Malaysia thanks everyone for their support and presence in making the party a huge success.