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Earn your belt

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That belt you tie around your uniform.
What is its worth to you? How much price are you willing to pay to don the color that you covet?

$100? $1,000? $10,000?

What are you willing to sacrifice to obtain the belt?

Your dignity? Your loyalty? Your principles?

Anybody can wear a black belt. It costs $30, maybe $50 plus embroidery.
It is just a sash worn around the waist, nothing more.

Do not put too much meaning into the black belt.
It is the experience that shapes you,
the process of forging the skills and mentality of a black belt into a person’s character and psyche,
not a rank to be worn or a certificate to be hung on the wall.

When you are able to willingly cast the belt aside with no attachments
When you are able to contribute towards the betterment of others and not only yourself
When you are able to set aside the ego
When the belt is awarded but not demanded

Then you know you have truly earned the right to wear your belt


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