Different classes focus on different aspects. Your monthly fee entitles you to all regular classes (except seasonal and on demand classes)


More technical, kihon, kata, bunkai, physical conditioning, weights etc…

More explanations on technique for adult comprehension and understanding. Suitable for intermediate students (more than 2 years of training)


Kihon, ido geiko, kata

For 1st to 2nd year beginner children. Classes focus on correction on basic execution of technique before it becomes a habit. 


Kihon, kata, kumite, physical fitness

Weekly centralized training. Suitable for children and adults of all levels.

Fight Class

seasonal class

Focuses on development of fight techniques for tournament. Lots of physical fitness drills, pad work, sandbags, and sparring.


seasonal class

Focuses on weapon drills and kata. Sai, bo, tonfa. This class is for 1st kyus, black belt and above.


on demand class

Like the adult class, but lower in intensity and higher in technical explanation. Lots of bunkai explanation and low impact drills. Suitable for all female or beginner students aged 45 and above.